Web 2.0. Facebook, Twitter!

Web 2.0 Wikipedia originally coined in 1999 and introduced to the world in 2004, a new way to use the existing internet. It can be said it was when the internet grew up and became the social tool we know and love. What made this possible was the software that allowed us to interact with each other, and the ease we could create pages to define our own personalities.

Facebook while trying to create more advertising revenue has annoyed members who were worried about privacy. I have not seen any information from my facebook account leaked. Where Facebook continues to make mistakes is in the changes it makes, the frequency it changes; and the opt out approach. Any information that I put out on the web should remain private until I give permission otherwise. Of course my responsibility in this is not to post anything that I don’t ever want leaked!
Facebook has I think reacted to the concerns and tried to quash the privacy paranoids, who shouldn’t be posting anyway.

I have in recent weeks become very fond of Twitter, I like the simple networking style of exchange. I am a news junky, and I have found the contact with other news junkies to be fun and entertaining. Twitter is what you make of it, you find your set of persons to follow, which is cool. I hope Twitter, which is now wondering how to make money out of the service; doesn’t kill a great medium in the process!

Social networks are a great way to stay in touch, and let friends know what you think about things. The contact I have with family and ¬†friends back in Europe is better now than it’s been in seventeen years. My prediction is Skype will come into it’s groove in the next year, challenging the established networks. We are in for a network war, where new methods of transmitting information will be challenged by the cable and phone companies. It will be a fight over transmission lines and access, user content and compatibility, and price! Much of this battle (in the states anyway), will be fought in Congress, and how they allow companies to restrict their networks. This will be the internet for the future, or the advent of the restricted internet, like they have in more restricted regimes!

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