Vision Walk 2010

Joe just before the walk

Today was the Orange County vision walk, to raise money for the foundation fighting blindness. An organization that funds research into degenerative conditions in the eye. The good news is about 73,000 dollars has been raised in this walk alone. There are others around the country, and this work will find cures for some of the most prevalent conditions inflicting people today. There are people that were blind that can now see because of this research, it works and is vital for future treatment.

Today there looked like a good six hundred people got together on a hot morning in Cal State Fullerton. The walk was a 5K, three and half mile walk. Everyone was in good form and after speech’s we started about ten thirty. Sponsors supplied breakfast and water. So all were hydrated, which was quite important as it was a hot day.

The walk lasted for about an hour at a decent stroll, there were many walking who had an eye condition with family and friends. All were having fun and enjoying the beautiful morning. There was one of those big balloon jumping things for the kids, and dogs catching Frisbee’s being thrown. A great way to spend a Sunday morning and help a great cause; back to work tomorrow!

I have a link on the side if you are interested in donating or walking on the next one.

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