Science or Religion, a personal view.

Some times it seems that in the United States we are still going through the Scopes Trial.  on one hand a fundamentalist view of religion, on the other hand evolution and science.  in my opinion evolution is not a Theory, but is fact. This has been proven with use of genetic experimentation,  and the development of different plant and animal species. Fundamentalist religious doctrine would argue that even though the science can be tested that the Bible does not lie and the earth was made in six days.

I was raised a Catholic, but I asked questions and learned about the way the world actually worked. While it’s a personal belief to be religious or have faith. I found the answers to be lacking and just having faith didn’t do it for me. As I got older and learned the history of the bible, I found myself with more questions than answers.

The Synod of Hippo 393 AD, was the first time a canon resembling the modern bible came into existence. Most of the books were translations from the Greek. The Gnostic Gospels were discovered in 1945, and dated to between the 2nd and 4th century.  A Gospel is a story, it’s a persons account of a period in time. This bible story has been influenced for two centuries by the Christian Church, and the Gnostic Gospel’s themselves have been denounced by the Church as heretical. This makes me question how much of the original text remains and who was the author. There is possibly many authors in the Gospels, and to believe one author and no changes from the original text would be foolish. It is this doubt that makes me question all, are these just stories to help us live our lives; to give us some moral purpose. Is the old testament just a story to give a person living in Roman times an explanation of the beginning of time.

In Greece 200 years before Jesus, man was asking questions about who we are and where we are. The history of science is just as old as religion, and in many cases it was religious men that discovered the truth behind our planet and our universe. There was always a tension between  science and religion.  Scientific discoveries almost always argued with religious doctrine and made the church uneasy!

Charles Darwin was a religious man, he studied to be an Anglican clergyman, but during his travels he became increasingly doubtful in the History as taught in the bible. After he returned he waited twenty years to publish as he questioned his conclusions. In the end there was no doubt, the science of evolution has been tested thoroughly; and never found to be in error.

We are in the twenty first century, we have made much progress as a species, but in the end we are only as good as the weakest link. There are many nations who take pride in education, and understand the need for talented scientifically minded people, to take the next step and move society forward. Others seem to take pride in ignorance, they take the view that money is more important than knowledge. As long as the powers tell me I am saving money, the fact that I am being lied to doesn’t matter. I am ok with being indoctrinated, to the point I am making decisions to my own detriment, and halting my development and the development of my society as a whole.

Why does a belief in science, a self regulating discipline (although it has made mistakes),  argue with religion to the point it can bring cultural development to a halt. At what point will the united states realize that it has fallen from the shelf and can no longer compete in technical ability or innovation. How far does it have to fall before changing course. And if it doesn’t change course will the US like being low on the list of developed nations.

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  1. The idea that the gospel is simply a book of stories to help us lead better lives and learn how to better treat others makes it seem so much more appealing and plausible. I agree with your statements regarding the fight between religion and science halting cultural growth and it makes me really sick and really sad that we are still fighting this fight; to me they are such separate things and that is ok.

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