The American Religious Right?

I was raised a Catholic, and I have no problem with any religion, Christian, Jewish, Muslim. But I do not want a person dictating morality to me from their outdated, ignorant, biased opinion.

Yes I said that, because these people aren’t qualified to dictate morals to me. I learned morality from my church and my parents; I also follow the laws of the land. I read and am in awe of the scientific discoveries that help people today and provide better living standards for society.

I also see the difference betwen the have’s and have not’s, and how the law makers fight to keep the wealthy rich and the poor ignorant. Who is the advocate for the poor in this country? Who looks out for children’s healthcare and education? Why is it when budgets need to be cut, it’s healthcare and education that seem to hit the list first.

Social welfare is a society saying we shall look after those who are not as lucky as ourselves, because that is how we show the world we care about our own. Nobody likes a person who mooches off a system, and they should be sought out and punished if that is the case. But that does not mean you punish the whole idea of looking after your neighbor.

The United States is a country of many religions, also people who don’t believe in a god. The Founding Fathers thought it would be wise to separate church & state. This way laws could be made to look after all citizens and not discriminate against any group. To place ourselves outside of the law leads to injustice against society.

No society is perfect, but as Plato said many years ago, you can judge a society on how it treats it’s elderly and sick. What ever happened to religion teaching us to look out for thy neighbor? Now all I hear is abortion is wrong, we won’t fund healthcare facilities that do abortions.

I am not fond of abortion as a procedure, but to cut down abortions you need to educate and help the younger among us. This would include sex education and contraception. With no unwanted pregnancies there is by definition less of a need for abortions. Rape and medical reasons are special cases and should be treated in the best interests of the mother; and anyone with compassion should not question her decision.

So for the GOP to cut funding for Planned Parenthood is like shooting yourself in the foot, without contraception and education you will see more unwanted pregnancies. And then you will see the people who voted for this complaining because of more abortions. You don’t fix a problem by cutting off the solution.

Cutting of funding for education is shooting the country in the foot, what are we going to do with a population that just can’t compete in the future for decent jobs. A smart workforce is better paid spends more money and leads to better living standards. A poor society can’t get work and will need the social services the GOP don’t want to fund in the first place.

I’m a progressive, which means I think society should always be moving forward, not back!


Now that the GOP have stripped planned Parenthood of all funding because one of the services it assisted with was abortions. Where will all the women go for their cancer screenings. Or should I say the GOP is Pro-Cancer in women!

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  1. It is a sad and frightening thing when a country like the US continues to prove that they have absolutely no care for humanity. It it why I have always yearned to leave and live in a place where people, all people, really matter.

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