What is Universal Healthcare?

So I have always been wary of the for profit medical system in the USA. It’s not that I have anything against doctors making a living. Doctors do quite well through most of the planet & quite deservedly!
So let’s talk about the differences in the systems!
There are lies told about universal healthcare that need to be put right! I grew up in Europe before moving to the states so I have a fair grasp of the differences.
First let me say that neither system is perfect, but the difference is mostly on how much things cost & who decides.
There is the fear that universal healthcare is government healthcare. This statement is true but very deceptive. The government has mandated that it will provide tax funds to make sure every citizen has medical care available.
Does this mean a politician makes medical decisions; of course not!
All the politicians do is argue over funding. And if the ones in power aren’t doing it right; the opposition party will be happy to point out the issues!
Now does this mean doctors can do whatever they want? Not really, hospital administrator’s will decide how to best to get the job done within the budget; but they will get the job done!
The doctor works for the hospital or has a private practice. As to pay doctors make about half the wage in Europe as they do in the USA! But to be honest I don’t see too many doctors in either system complaining they get badly paid!
In Ireland as in many countries you also have insurance systems in place! This gives people who pay another option for healthcare. Both systems function quite well side by side. And it makes for healthy competition. Most people are surprised to find that doctors prefer the government hospitals because being government it’s more secure, better pensions!
The for profit healthcare system in the USA was originally designed to provide healthcare for all Americans. But it didn’t quite work out that way. In the original idea funds would be provided to give people who couldn’t afford to pay insurance premiums assistance.
What happened was a system that ran amuck!
Because the doctors were open to frivolous law suits they needed to charge more to pay for insurance. As the system paid per test the doctors started unnecessary testing to make more money. The insurance companies need to increase premiums to make a profit!
I am not sure when the insurance companies decided to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Or simply because the patients care became too expensive.
Without competition the healthcare for profit has no incentive to improve! As long as all the parties are taking their cut no improvements are required.
In government funded healthcare there is always the vote, and the opposition party, and the press to make the people in charge improve the care given. Considering the USA is approximately 37th in the western countries. Behind many universal healthcare systems. I think it needs to make changes and stop the fear talk! Japan has a universal healthcare system that is 80% privately funded! Profits can be made in both systems. What is needed is for health professionals to take a decent wage for their services! And for competition in the systems to provide incentives for improvement!
Of course this is just my opinion, and I have nothing against either systems!
I believe when you pay taxes you should get something for it!

Plato said that a society can be judged by how it treats its elderly and sick!
How are we doing?

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