Who’s in charge, the President or Congress?

I like President Obama, I think he is smart, engaging and right for the country. So I am perplexed when I see people giving him such little credit for what he has done considering the Republican opposition.

We don’t live in the dictatorship, and although the US President is a powerful job, he doesn’t have as much power to get things done as the French President. This is because of the US Congress, the house & Senate have the power of the purse strings, and this is where Obama’s plans fall to the wayside. When the Republican took charge of the House last year, the voters who put them their stopped reform and placed the country on hold.The Republicans have one goal on their minds, stop Obama from achieving anything, to make him look bad and get him out of office. This means the job numbers have to remain bad, and the recession needs to continue until the next election. You can see in the last year there has been no push in job creation, just tax breaks; the created raising the debt limit crisis. In fact because of lack of funding the fed and state workers around the country have been laid off. So instead of using government money to keep people in work we are now paying them unemployment; and we are doing this to save money!!

Let me say here the national debt is bad and it does need to be fixed, of course the reason for the debt is easy to find. Bush tax cuts and war funding that was never paid for! This is a fact because it’s just math, and if anyone doesn’t believe me you need to go back to school. Bush landed seven trillion dollars to the debt, Obama added one and a half trillion in the bailout. And if you think it did nothing America still have a car industry.

In any economy the most important thing is the flow of money, if there is spending the economy is good. and stop in the spending and the ripple effect bring everything to a stop. How do we get money flowing again. Well putting people to work would be one way of doing it. For the last thirty years the paycheck of the average worker has been able to buy less & less. Americans pay more because Americans have credit cards, and they have used them to the extent that the idea of how you live in the states is inflated that to even survive you must have these things you cannot afford! It’s become the normal way of things, car payments or even the lease! That way you have the best but never really own any of it!

So here we are with the debt, and we need to put people back to work. Corporations have moved much of their manufacturing to China, Taiwan so the jobs aren’t coming to the USA.
In the end business needs an incentive to invest in the American market.
The USA is a big consumer, this gives it leverage to business. To either support businesses who invest in the USA market (tax incentives), while removing support for businesses that do not.
This outcome will depend on politicians growing balls or just common sense.
But the fact the American voter seems to vote for one party because they are pissed with the other. Regardless that the parties have such a different view of society & can change the way we live so dramatically scares me!
My opinion is you vote for the party that shares your values or vision! Not because your pissed, in doing so you will never achieve your goal!

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