Is the Political System In the USA Busted, and Broke?

While most of Europe is struggling to overcome the collapse and subsequent bail out of financial institutions in 2008, the United States seems to politically be in a void. The direction it should be taking is the same as any other country in a crisis, cut government spending and increase revenue to maintain government business. Because when companies won’t hire and you have a population with no income, where else can you go to survive. The government must supply stability until such time that business takes over.

To lay off government workers when you don’t have to is crazy, they will be getting government assistance for a period of time; so why do it? The answer is politics, we live in a bazaar world where it’s not what you do but what you say that matters. People don’t even care what a political party does in the states, it’s your ideology that’s most important; how you are defined.

During the second world war americans bought government bonds to help pay for “Rosie the Riveter,”this put so many americans to work that the country boomed for a decade after the war. So why aren’t we doing this now, there is enough infrastructure that hasn’t been updated since the 1970’s. There are two plans for this, Republicans favor giving the money to industry in tax breaks, hoping the extra profits will turn into jobs and higher income. This would be great if those companies did actually hire. This approach has added years to the recession. I hope in the next decade the united states learns that private industry can do only so much. And if all government intervention to help citizens is considered socialism. The days of the USA being number one may be dwindling.

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  1. It is truly frightening to live in a country that just does not care about its citizens; everything has become about the bottom line.

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