Los Angeles


I have lived in Los Angeles for the last eighteen years. I am not what could described as a Sun person. I have pale Irish skin that defies the tan with a vengeance. If the color of cooked lobster was the fashion I would be a model.
LA is a sprawl with people living in their various areas. I live and work in the Hollywood area, don’t go to the valley much. And I only go downtown when I have jury service.
I think when people look at LA from outside that think Paris Hilton & Lindsey Lohan. Or just egocentric acting wannabe’s who think their Gods gift!
LA has to its detriment a lousy mass transit system, or lack of! Driving in LA is bad, things that come to mind.
Feeling so entitled that I don’t have to indicate my intentions.
No I won’t let you in, even though I see you are indicating.
My cars more expensive than yours, so I shall drive really fast; and get impatient when I’m stuck behind you!
Yes that’s all very annoying, but yesterday I went to the local market for groceries. I know them as I have been going there for years. These are just nice humble, normal, kind human beings. It was a joy to meet and chat with such nice people. So I think although the ass-holes may give LA a bad rap; the city as a hole is full of decent hard working people who are just trying to live. Just like the rest of us. The best reality show!!

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