Politics of Hate.

It’s a sad day in America when political compromise is a dirty word. When there were moderates in both parties who could iron out the differences.
When we went from differences of opinion to outright hate of people from different parties.
I would like to see the house return to the democrats this year. Maybe then we could move forward. I know we need to cut costs and get the debt down. Clean up the tax code and reign in the banks so they don’t create the bloody crisis again.
Maybe we can create new high speed rail systems. Update the electric grid to something close to this century.
Maybe we can learn to embrace other cultures. But other cultures should respect the country their living in.
Religious tolerance would be nice, but I haven’t seen it for quite a while. That includes people who don’t believe in a God. Religious freedom means just that. Freedom of choice without question. The law of the land is our guide to show when one religion is imposing its beliefs on society too much. That’s why our laws should remain neutral and should reflect all of society and not the will of just one group.
I’m not religious any more, but here I end my sermon for today!

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