If I ran Apple

I like Apple products & I Write most of my blogs & read news on my iPhone.
I have been upset because of the App Newstand. Where you can subscribe to magazines. Lots claim to be free but never are. I can understand reading these things on an iPad. But it’s not my cup of tea for me on my phone.
But as Apple has decided I can’t delete an App I am not using I’m stuck with it on my phone; hidden on the last page.
This isn’t very elegant, and it annoys!
So if I were running Apple this is what I would do!
There is a iTunes App, a App store App, a iTunes U App, and now bloody Newstand. I would create subsections in the iTunes App for all these departments. This will make me use my iTunes App which brings me to Ping. Ping is a nice idea but lacks relevance because I never think to go there!
If I could manage my subscriptions, buy my music, share this all through Ping! And yes even manage my bloody News stand subscriptions. Ping suddenly becomes a bit more relevant. It also would mean I don’t have to look at a App I am not using!
Thanks Apple.

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