The un-United States of America

When I look at recent politics in the USA, it has become so polarized by factions on both sides. Most vocal would be the far right who have taken control of the GOP. Forcing moderates out of the picture.
This makes compromise almost impossible. And without change it’s only going to stagnate our farce of a democracy. The Democrats have never been very good at selling what they offer. Don’t take credit when they do good things.
There there is so much corporate influence I’m beginning to question whether any individual’s vote really counts any more.
I believe that this is about to change. As the individuals selling fear to the crowd has just about run its course. Those trying to make the USA a Theocracy won’t succeed.
The religion of Jesus was about forgiveness not hate. The church’s of two thousand years ago can’t keep up with a changing world.
I am very critical of the catholic church, that puts its own welfare above a abused child.
I’m critical of Pastors who preach hate as much as Imams preach hate, they are in fact still worshipping the same God; as are the Jews.
The religious divide between bible thumpers in the south & progressives in the west & east coasts is creating almost two Americas.
I was raised with Religion & a respect for science. These two things don’t have to be at odds all the time. Science is not a religion but a process to acquire knowledge. To put down science is to say I don’t believe what I see.
In this divided America it’s only through change and growth that progress is made. I see the lies told by our politicians who have been paid for.
Religious Theocracy isn’t freedom & I’m very much for freedom of choice. And freedom of opportunity.
We see what happens when there is no compromise. Maybe the United States should break up. Let those states who think women shouldn’t have a voice, a vote, form their own theocracy in the south. And let the progressives who believe in freedom and individual choice alone!
This is my opinion, open for discussion, any nasty comments will not be posted!

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  1. I feel saddened to have reached a point of real fear in regard to living in this country as a woman and as a disabled person. I feel that my human rights could be stripped from me at any moment and I am learning that there are so many basic human rights that are already not afforded to minorities in this country. I think every day about leaving. I still have hope because Obama is in office and, I feel, on my side. I hope the citizens of this country have enough sense to keep him in office, and if they don’t, I am getting the hell out of dodge.

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