The Church’s War On Contraception and Freedom.

First I do think the church does have a say in what services it should provide, as a religious institution it has it’s own set of values. Save the unborn child, but when the child suffers from a priest pedophile the church will protect the priest & not the child!

The political and fundamentalist war on women and contraception is right up there with any other fanatical religious teaching. Morals and ethics may come from many different sources, not just religion.

Religious teaching was supposed to be a guide on how to live your life; not tell everyone else how to live theirs. Religious freedom is freedom to practice your religion, what other people are doing is none of your business.

Women need access to contraception for many other reasons other than just procreation. Planned Parent Hood and clinics like it, do many screening’s and check ups that save lives. To attack these institutions in the name of religious freedom is more akin to the Taliban than a free society. To indoctrinate in the name of religious freedom is in fact Theocracy in the making.

Respect & Freedom need to return to the United States, that means freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

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