The Quest for Moderation

Recently I have a couple of chats with people on the different end of the political spectrum than myself. One was regarding the healthcare debate and the other was regarding women’s issues, (which is really a religious theocracy issue).

The first was with a nice guy from a southern state, he gave me his idea of the health care debate, some of the usual republican talking points. And scary tactics calling anything to do with healthcare socialism or communism or some other ism!  I explained that in the healthcare debate we are not inventing universal healthcare. This has been in action in the western world for a few generations. And many countries can state it’s been quite successful. People like to not worry about what will happen in the event of an accident. Now of course different countries have different resources and some are going to be better than others. Japan has universal medicine that is heavily privately managed, so there are opportunities for business ventures in a universal healthcare system. Healthcare makes money, but when the money is only going to investors, and the patients have no say; it’s not healthcare and you are just a pawn? Anyone who grew up with universal healthcare thinks this is a no brain er. But it’s an experiment in the US and the status-quo don’t want to give away their profits or control. The southern gentleman agreed that maybe a look away from FOX News and political pundits may be needed to have a informed opinion. And this I agree with, get the true information and if you maintain your opinion on the subject at least it can be an interesting discussion.

My second conversation was a very opinionated Republican female who just decided to Obama bash. Her facts were taken from lies on right wing web sites, and if that is the only place she gets her info I’m not surprised her facts are wrong! I tried to explain that posting and quoting lies from right wing sites doesn’t make it true. There are legitimate sources to gather information and form an opinion. I countered her argument with links to different news sources disputing her lies. I didn’t think this would work, because she was never interested in the truth. Her truth already exists in her head, and the only thing she wants to hear or see will be anything to agree with her truth. The lasting argument between science (a process) and religion (a belief system), can never be won. Science looks at the world we live in and tries to explain what we see, but in order for it to be right you must prove it! Religion requires no proof, no evidence, no explanations, and no curiosity; just believe what you are told. For the curious mind this is unacceptable, science can make mistakes and then has to correct itself. Religion has no corrections and will take no critique. So my suggestion is to have freedom of religion as the founding fathers suggested, this means you are free to practice your religion, and not impose your beliefs onto anybody who doesn’t share them.

That’s why it’s called freedom.

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