Where are the moderates?

It’s a fact the GOP has moved to the right over the last ten years. A conservative in England would be considered a socialist in the US.
I know religion plays a large part of this swing, which makes me dislike organized religious groups even more now. But is that the only radical group at play?
Where are the fiscal conservatives gone. Didn’t they see bush & his cronies ruin the economy. Wage wars & give tax cuts with no consideration. And yet when the next President tried to fix it they just tow the party line. Call him a socialist and do nothing to help fix the economy. Even Reagan understood you can’t just fix it with reduced spending. So he increased taxes to raise revenue. It’s the same today!
Any fool knows in order for economic growth money must move.
The so called job producers have decided not to produce the jobs, even though they still have their precious tax cuts. The Republicans will not put through legislation to spur job growth as it would make Obama look good.
So we have a stagnant economy kept stagnant because the politicians are playing power games.
So where have all the moderate conservatives who can see through the bullshit gone?

3 thoughts on “Where are the moderates?”

  1. I am becoming increasingly afraid to live in the US. We are a country that is clearly moving backwards socially, politically, environmentally and fiscally. I feel actual shame at times to be an american.

  2. It’s all too easy — and too shallow — to blame religious groups for the sharp swing to the right in American politics. Yes, the evangelical/charismatic wing of Christianity was co-opted by right-wing politics — a marriage with the devil many are beginning to regret. But the bigger issue is the overall weakening and marginalization of the rest of spiritual faith and its practice. In the past, the churches were the backbone of social reform — from abolition to civil rights. And in the Bible, the kings always faced the criticism and advice of the prophets, even when they tried to stack the deck in their own favor.
    Rabbi Michael Lerner’s 2006 “The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right” is a powerful critique of our present situation.
    But for any social action, we also need to have groups to work within. Empty churches and temples may be a big reason we’ve been stuck with so much bad theology and bad politics and their harmful consequences.

    1. With the rhetoric I hear I maybe forgiven for thinking the evangelicals have co-opted the conservative party.
      Religion has a role in society, but when it invades politics in such a demanding way I actually feel it reduces the feeling of religious freedom.
      I just feel I don’t hear from conservatives that I feel I could have a dialogue any more. I know their out there! And will the republicans move back to the center any time soon?

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