We The People?

The United States is a country that is run by the corporations, they pay the politicians to make laws that work for them. The lobbying system ensures that this system will remain in place for the near future anyway! There are some positives to this, better distribution of resources and food stuffs. The competition can help reduce prices in some cases. And I have absolutely nothing against a business that provides a good service or product making money, that’s capitalism in it’s best sense. My problem is when politicians have been bought so much that the people of the nation no longer have a say in how they shall live their lives. Corporate profits even during this recession are good. The job providers (hate that term), aren’t providing the jobs because they don’t have to. And because the politicians are in their pocket they (the corporations) will never be taken to task. Corporations and banks speculate on the world markets driving up the price of oil, we get to pay $4 per gallon; why does the government allow this to continue; because the politicians are getting kick backs!

So who represents us? As soon as we ask the government to step, in the moment we think there might be a change; the powers that be cry socialism! So I pay my taxes and what do I actually get for it. I get state disability if I have to be off work, but what do I get for my federal taxes? I don’t know to be honest, we have a military! That’s fine and dandy and all that but as we aren’t actually being invaded and it’s unlikely we are going to be. There is the VA for the military who have returned and need attention. But I see allot of charities to help our servicemen. Why do they need charity? Doesn’t our government look after the vets when they return after duty. I would gladly have my federal taxes go to that! I know the corporations that run our nation don’t care about wounded vets, they don’t care about the american citizen; they care about profit. How do you think China has done so well these last ten fifteen years! So why did we the people put them in charge of our government.

Must say here I am for Obama, because the alternative drives the country into cooperate hands to the point there no longer will be we the people at all! There will be no freedom because everything will require a voucher or a picture ID or come other verification. Some say we don’t want the government in charge of healthcare, I would like the government to be responsible for something because if they get it wrong I can vote the bastards out. Try doing that with a insurance company, and politicians may actually fight to give we the people something that’s of value to us. Because we will be watching, at the moment we give them no responsibility so what do they do! Argue and just try to get reelected to keep their government health insurance and the kick backs from the corporations who are really running the country.

Sorry I may sound pessimistic, I want to believe it will get better; but people are not informed! They listen to a crazy biased media ( FOX propaganda network). My only answer is don’t look to the states for the truth, look outside the USA, we are not inventing the wheel. The United States is possibly the only modern country that can’t seem to figure out how better the citizen (non corporation citizen I mean), will and can be better off if you do put the government in charge of a few things and hold them accountable. If you remove the for profit from healthcare what you have left is just healthcare! It can be done and has been done in many countries!

Have a nice day!

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  1. Great Post!!!!!! I wish that every american could read what you write about healthcare and really make an attempt to understand; maybe then all the idiots would get a little enlightenment and stop voting with the greedy politicians that are essentially killing the american people.

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