Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Once again the job market is stagnant, and the powers at be are blaming the opposition for points in the upcoming election. In the last two years for those who look the corporate markets are doing really well. Profits are up and the big business execs are making record bonuses!

So why is the job number still the same? Well I think there are a couple of things that are going on. First is the job creators, as the GOP like to call them. They have been creating jobs in China and India so the job market has stayed the same in the good old USA. Any attempt to change the rules to try and bring back work to the states by using tax incentives is argued against by the GOP and their Corporate benefactors. The fact that work has stagnated is just the reason to change the tax on the corporations, as the job creators having not created the jobs they don’t deserve breaks from the US government; and should pay the taxes they owe!

Businesses having let staff go during the last few years have discovered they can get by with their current staffing levels and so have not hired any more. The current level of graduates looking for work has let employers hire overqualified persons for the jobs that would have gone to less qualified persons. So if you don’t have a degree the job market has virtually dried up! Since many companies have moved their manufacturing to China and India those jobs that used to be well paid are no longer available. And new manufacturing jobs in the States are more often done by robots, the only humans required are the programmers!

Truth be told it’s not the big corporations who will save the US economy, it’s the smaller businesses who will use local workers and supplies that may actually make a difference in the private sector. The other factor in the low job numbers is the state and government jobs that have been cut in the last few years. If they were all rehired the percentage would be down to about 7%, which would make people think a real upturn was in hand. With the private sector not hiring the only other option was for the government to stimulate the jobs market with public works projects. This has worked just about every time it has been done in history. In Germany in the 1930’s and in the US in 1939 with the New Deal. 

So the reason it’s not been voted through Congress leads to only one conclusion, they don’t want to stimulate the job market! Why would the Republican led house not want to create jobs. Well with the employment numbers bad it’s a opportunity to blame the President for the lack of jobs. This president is liked personally, others that don’t like him for other personal reasons will never like him regardless of what the job market is. So if the job market grew to a point that it seemed the President was fixing it the majority voters (the independents) would vote Obama back in of course. Some don’t want that to happen so it’s not in their best interests to allow that to happen.

That’s why we still have lousy job numbers while corporate profit has been great for the last two years!

Best of luck to you if you are looking for work!

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