Why are phones getting smarter and people dumber?

phone etiquette
phone etiquette

If I post a video to YouTube, and it ends up on some Facebook page, is it right for me to blame anybody but myself? Or maybe I just don’t know the implications of using the technology in front of me.

There have been so many changes in tech in the last few years it’s really hard to keep up with the change. The only thing that seems easy is the latest great phone, computers have to some extent moved into the back room. I am writing this on my computer, but I can as easily do it on my phone, pay bills make dinner reservations, update and even video chat with family anywhere with a web connection.¬†One of the bigger questions for me in this tech world has always been.

How do we use technology wisely?

I have recently been very displeased when I hear someone, co worker or just a person on public transportation talking very loud on the phone or listening to music. I just don’t understand why using a headset or text wouldn’t be considered a polite alternative. And if this is the future why aren’t we teaching the future tech users how to coexist in the world without pissing off the person next to you? Or is this something that we will have to program into the devices as people are too dumb to know the difference?

Not too long ago I remember this thing called phone etiquette, giving your name when you called before asking for whom you are trying to reach.

If you called the wrong number you would say sorry wrong number before hanging up.

Talk clearly and don’t shout as it’s rude, and never slam the receiver down as the person on the other end may still have their receiver next to their ear.

Do we ever see a person leaving the table if they must take a call, not much these days; even if they did let the company know they may have to take a call.

And as far as I am concerned the only thing allowed on trains, planes, taxi’s is texting.

I don’t want to seem like a grouch, and I truly love the tech world and look forward to new innovations. But why do the phones get smarter and the people dumber?