Windows 8.1 update mess, and yes Mac is easier!

Microsoft-Windows-8_1-Preview-Image-2I am trying to update to Windows 8.1 but it doesn’t seem to be working, then I read that the update was pulled as there were issues with it. Which is exactly what I was experiencing. I am wondering is the update actually worth the hassle, it’s not as if the start button will do anything differently other then just take me to the existing start screen. I have returned to a windows machine after being on Macs for a few years. The update on a mac was by all accounts seamless in comparison to the debacle that is 8.1. I just tried the update, which of course didn’t work, then luckily I just returned my system to windows 8 and I think I will leave it there for the near future.

October 22nd Update (no pun intended)

So today Microsoft re-released the update for Windows 8.1 and by coincidence Apple released an Update from Lion to Maverick; I shall compare!

My two machines are a Dell XPS running 16GB of RAM, the IMac is from 2011 with 8GB RAM. Both downloads took about an hour, the XPS install was quicker but then I got the same familiar plain grey nothing. Of course I am lucky my computer running windows 8 is not stupid and without prompting from me it decides that the new software is a crock and returns to the older version of 1 photo 2 So after two attempts I will wait, but I give Microsoft and windows update a thumbs down,  and for 2013 this shouldn’t be the case.

As for the IMac I can say it went smoothly and was uneventful, which is why for a home computer with no hassles I say the mac is better than the windows hands down.

photo 3The install was without incident, and all told it took about a hour and a half, I like the new look as always and look forward to playing with it.

I hear this update will be compatible with older macs as well, and I must admit I was pissed when I my humble MacBook was left in the cold after Snow Leopard. I think lots of people felt quite abused, not being the type that has money to pop out and get the latest machine every year. I think it’s nice Apple is looking after the poorer faithful but it’s a bit late coming. Well see if I can find a use for my old MacBook now!