cloud computing

When I die, who will I leave my cloud content to?

Like many people these days I have purchased movies and shows through the cloud and I have content on a server in many places I have never visited nor am I likely too.

I like the convenience of having stuff I can access on my devices anywhere I like, it’s cool. I was very reluctant to just go all cloud as I am still the fan of having a hard copy of my media. It’s a trust issue and although I have committed quite a bit of money to cloud only purchases not being able to just download a copy to a hard drive does still perplex me.

Obviously I am not the first person to ask this question, and although I have all my images and the important stuff backed up. I get the impression many people tend to have allot of stuff in the cloud and not too much backed up. And my thinking on this is really in the future when society has moved to a much more integrated online connected society. As easy it seems to be these days to get your account hacked and more often I hear about credit cards and pins have been hacked. Purely because the banks in the USA don’t want to spend the money on a more modern system that could protect the consumer much more. Yes I mean smart chips┬áthat have saved banks in Europe millions of dollars.

In the world of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many others, are the pictures I upload still mine? Are the movies/TV shows I cannot download to my computer just a rent? Or because I clicked yes on a new privacy agreement because I wanted to get to lunch; have I signed my stuff away? And when I die can I leave my movies/TV shows in my cloud to who I wish, or when I die so do my purchases. I don’t remember clicking on that!