People are amazing.


I have a beautiful puppy (pug), and I take her out a few times a day for toilet duties, and to sniff out the area. See which other dogs have been around (doggy Facebook).
I pick up after my pet, but I know there are those who are lazy, ignorant or just don’t care & leave poo on the ground. Obviously they are content living with shit all around them.
I was surprised to see the image above the other day. I just felt we had hit a new low in civic pride. Which is actually no pride at all.
Do I blame the person who stole the Ralphs cart & left it outside this building. Or do I say the person/people who threw their dogs poo in the trolley, which may one day hold somebodies groceries are gross, lazy lacking any sense of decency.
Or should I blame Los Angeles as a city with no civic pride. No trash cans on the street so people could keep the street clean. No signs against littering.
Government whether state or Federal is the measure on how functional a society will be. Without it society can fall apart with the smallest crisis. If it’s strong and organized and proactive, people can & do have better lives. That is why we pay taxes, for the governing bodies to make our city function for us.
I go to parks every day, walking the dog. So she can chase Squirrels & bark at the ever growing population of homeless people camping out. I lived rough a long time ago. It’s not a problem that can be ignored. Los Angeles is a expensive city, the reality is it shouldn’t & doesn’t deserve to be as expensive as it is.
I would love to see it improve, in order to do that it needs to start looking at ways to clean itself up. Taking the homeless problem seriously and open a contract with a company to start placing trash cans on more
streets. People will keep something clean if it looks clean already, if it looks like shit people will throw more shit on top.