ehang 184

Exciting stuff this week

Well this week at CES (consumer electronic show), there was the arrival of the first flying car that I can actually see becoming something that will be in use in the near future.

The EHANG184 is a really exciting drone built to carry a person in flight for about twenty three minutes flight time, as someone who has piloted aircraft I can say that 23 minutes is really quite good for such a craft.

The vehicle is autonomous which is wise considering collisions in the air shouldn’t be an option. One of the worries in any craft like this is what it will do in the event of a system fault. I like the twin rota design as two is always better then one.

I must admit the vision of the flying car has been around since silent the late 1800’s, but even with tech advances it has always seemed just too difficult to work. In the 1990’s when I was flying there was talk of modernizing the air traffic control system to accommodate modern general aviation aircraft to automate functions in controlled airspace. But it seemed the nobody wanted to put up the money for the upgrades.

It’s been the case that most business (not all), will not put money up until it can see a profit. It’s the hope that maybe government might do something, but too many people are afraid of government doing anything so we have no bullet trains, broadband access is still slow.

So it’s only now, when the technology and innovation can combine to allow small companies with the vision to give us something that can’t be put down by the skeptical. The flying car is within reach, about time!