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Of course there is no privacy!


How can I be Hacked?

In my opinion.

As a society we talk about government and social media and our privacy. This is a conversation worth having, but the point has been missed when the people using the internet put their lives on the web, including much more personal information than they realize.

First remember that to social media companies we are not the customer, we are the product for sale, and in order to get the most money from us they must know as much as possible so we can be sold effectively. This includes our location, family, friends, work location and contacts, pictures, race, gender, social interests, shopping history.

Do you feel any part of that list is private, it’s not once you send it to the internet. It’s not that Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media company are bad or trying to get you in trouble. They say they keep our data safe and that’s fine, that isn’t the only issue. It’s the things we choose to place on these sites willingly that we don’t realize can be used by hackers, pieces of a puzzle, and we the consumer give out the crumbs for those who have the knowledge to look and put the puzzle together. The threat isn’t from direct selling of your information, which will be done anyway! It’s the marketing sites that keep tabs on your internet browsing, shopping, and this information is moved about the web from one interested party to another. It’s said that the only thing sold is metadata, that they really don’t know who you are, crap! Sorry to tell you but if someone with the right knowledge and tools wants to find you it’s not as difficult as you would think.

There are ways to make it harder to be found on the internet, but social media probably isn’t the best we to achieve that. Yes we live in a world now that it’s normal to have a digital self, but remember to place a barrier between personal information and personal interaction. Use the rule that if you have two pieces of information on a social media site you can be identified, be careful what you post (on vacation for two weeks and the jewels are in the brown box)! Use encrypted messaging for personal conversation, iMessage is great if your on IOS, if you’re on Android there are services you can use, but your phone messaging service is not secure so avoid personal information. Facebook and other services may say they look after your information, but remember you are the product so you are being tapped for usage. Enjoy and be safe.