tower bridge

Tower Bridge

In the middle of the 1980’s I spent some time working in a restaurant called Sweeney Todd’s on Tooley street. It was near the London Dungeon, I believe they are all closed now, end of an era!

I was the kitchen manager at the time so I was one of the last to leave at the end of the day. So to get home to my comfortable flat I would cross London Bridge and get the tube from Monument station.

I leave work and it’s late so there aren’t to many people around, not being the west end it gets quiet in the evening. I had turned off Tooley street and I am heading over the bridge when I start to hear footsteps behind me to the right. Being the kind of guy who keeps aware of his surroundings I was immediately on guard as the steps were staying close and I could feel the person was staying with me.

I have been in a few scraps in my time, I have worked as a bouncer & worked private security on occasion; so I was ready if there was going to be a confrontation. I had just cleared the bridge and was turning toward the station when he made his move.

He moved swiftly around by my left, my fists were clenched and I was ready to defend myself. I turned to face my attacker, he stood about fifteen to twenty feet from me. At this point he opened his raincoat to display his manhood. For a moment I just stood there stunned, I was expecting a fight and I get flashed. I just looked at him, I said “you have got to be kidding”.

I turned from the display and headed toward the tube station, to this day I am the only person I know who has been flashed. End of an Era!

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