Leaving Windows 10 for Linux

The End Of  Windows 10

First I do say that Windows 10 wasn’t terrible, but it has some major issues which I will tell before I talk about Linux.

I had a clean install of Windows as my computer XPS dell notebook became a brick not too long after the free upgrade from windows 8.1. I liked it as a clean install and was content for a short while. Start times were long and with virus software it really slowed down the machine. I tried a few different virus programs to see if I could speed it up & in the end went back to windows defender. Which was fine, not that I was going anywhere to get a virus & I am careful about that kind of stuff anyway.

I held out before changing as I had purchased software for windows which wasn’t cheap and I was reluctant to give it up. But even with being careful one fateful day my computer decided to not see the optical drive, I tried various ways to sort out the issue but in the end it was going to take a reinstall of windows 10. My issue is although I forget the reason I had reinstalled windows 10 about two weeks prior & this was the last straw as the saying goes!

Hello Linux

Well having decided I was done with windows my decision was which Distro of linux was I going to use? I have tried a couple in the past & Ubuntu struck me personally as too much work for a newbie, I wanted something that works out of the box. I decided to go with Linux Mint 18.1 Serena.

Absolute Joy

I cannot tell you how much I love this operating system, it’s familiar yet different. It starts up & shuts down faster, I don’t need virus software, and it comes with practically all the tools you need to function with a computer. I have installed some software that was open source that I liked and I was lucky that some of the software I had purchased the license was good for a linux version, which was wonderful!

As I mentioned I was concerned that I would have to discard windows software now that I was in Linux world. My worries were unfounded by a piece of software called Wine. This wonderful software allows me to install a run windows software & I didn’t even have to install a windows OS, it makes moving to linux a no-brain-er.


Okay so the major difference switching to Linux is how you install software, it is a learning curve but there are resources available to find answers. I am still very new to the terminal, but after a few weeks I am getting the hang of it a little. It does give a me a sense of accomplishment when I get it right, but it is a learning curve; it’s also the reason you don’t need virus software, which is great!

I personally will never be going back to windows on my personal computer again, it was a decision that I did anguish over, but I was so frustrated with having to fix issue practically weekly I had gone through enough frustration. If you ever find yourself questioning what operating system might be the best for you I would highly recommend checking out linux, mint might not be for you but as you can run all the different distro’s from a disk there is no excuse.

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