Cars, Bicycles, Pedestrians.


I have lived in Los Angeles for twenty four years, to this day I cannot understand why some lunatic decided to give pedestrians right of way over cars. I remember stopping at a corner not long after I arrived and I saw school children (teens) crossing the street in front of me. None of them actually looked at me to see if I saw them, they assumed that as they had right of way I would stop. Aside from the fact they are putting that faith in a person they have never met in a vehicle weighing three tons with brakes installed by a person they will never know.

I see people crossing at cross walks making furtive looks at the drivers as they have forced them to stop, we all know how patient drivers in Los Angeles are don’t we!

How many people are killed or injured in Los Angeles every year because they decidedĀ  they had right of way! The person moving a few tons of metal at high speed disagreed with them, There will always be only one winner in this stand off and my question is why do it?

In countries where Cars have right of way people take a bit more care when crossing the street. They have cross walks that are clearly marked with traffic lights that take the choice of (who has right of way) out of the equation. Cars and people should never have to share the same space of street at the same time.

I see junctions in Beverly Hills and now in Hollywood Blvd where Pedestrians get to cross at their own time, all traffic is stopped. Brilliant idea and leads to less tress for the people crossing and for the drivers as they don’t feel like they are being forced to give way.

The law in itself has people confused as it’s designed to assign blame to both parties in the event of an accident. And I am sure there are many instances a day when a person is trying to get traffic to stop, the traffic doesn’t want to and now they are scared to walk out in front of cars to assert their rights & I don’t blame them.

To teach kids it’s ok to step out in front of traffic was dumb, and it should be changed!


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  1. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada and the pedestrians here have the right of way, and it is annoying as hell. It can take 10 minutes just to get through an intersection without traffic lights because they don’t even check for traffic, they just walk right out in front of you. Umm, thanks, tourist, I’d like to get to the place I am going as well!!

    1. I believe pedestrians should be given a separate option when dealing with traffic. It should be lights where there is a time for vehicles and then a time for pedestrians. I find this makes everyone a little less stressed as it takes away the ambiguity of just having to wait while someone just walks out in for of you. It;s moving that was (very slowly in Los Angeles), due more to accidents than common sense. I hope it improves for you!

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