Will we ever get our shit together!

I am truly concerned with the direction the world is moving at. Half the population of one of the most advanced countries in the world don’t believe in climate change. Like the scientists who can send craft to space to study different worlds can’t figure out the behavior of gasses on earth.

Before Lead was removed from gasoline due to the effect it was having on people, (making them sick)! There was kickback by the companies who liked the status quo. Eventually common sense gave way to unleaded gasoline.

Tobacco industry fought for years claiming smoking did no damage, even they in the end had to face the fact it wan’t healthy to smoke. Climate change is no different, industry likes to keep the status quo & they will play what ever cards they can. They know the truth and being businesses they are planning for the future┬áThe oil & gas climate initiative. I expect smart people to make plans and move forward.

My concern is the millions of people who I believe have been told a crock & at some point are going to discover they have been lied to. It’s not fair to these people who have been deceived, for political gain in most cases. There are real divides between areas of the united states that it feels like we have different countries. With the politics of division running at full speed, how can we come together in truth not fake facts to move forward with the potential this country truly has.

There are real challenges ahead, employment or to be more specific the kind of jobs that will be available in the future have been changing since the 1970’s. I know some would like to blame immigration, but the truth is very easy to understand. Some manufacturing jobs went to other countries because they don’t have to pay as much. In countries with universal healthcare the companies save a fortune as they don’t have to pay for health insurance, which is significant! But the biggest factor in job loss in the united states has been due to automation and robotics. This trend isn’t going to change and in the next ten years a significant percentage of the population will be out of work.

With the advance in driver-less technology and automated delivery services the future does start to look like the science fiction we dreamed of when we were young. It could be absolutely great! But the change in society is going to be big, and for some reason the powers don’t seem to be doing much about it.

Universal basic wage is a idea being tested in a few countries, it’s a base wage paid to citizens to allow then to survive and allow the option of part time work or starting their own business. Some argue it will cost too much, but it’s replacing unemployment and if 46% of the population are in fact out of work you had better find a way to make it work!

Maybe the answer in the end will be something I have not read yet, or maybe with the current people in charge they won’t deal with it at all, and just let people go hungry and tell fake stories to cover their ass. The problem will not go away so we shall all get to see what heppens.


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  1. I can’t deny feeling nervous about the future and frustrated with the tendencies of some Americans to believe in such blatant lies, but there are people like you, and so many others we know, that are smart and aware and actually thinking about things. You are starting some really important conversations that need to continue. In regard to the driverless car thing, I would love to read an entire post about your take on it. Thank you for another thoughtful post!

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