What If?

What do I want in life?

I am not religious but I believe that being a citizen in society has moral obligations.

Do no harm.

Look out for your fellow-man or woman.

Live an honest life (I do not lie, because to lie is to give in to the person you are lying to, and I do not accept that)!

Be compassionate, to be an Ass is not a requirement in society, it’s a choice, and is very telling about a person.

Patience is a virtue! (We are all going to die some day, there is no need to rush toward it)!

Family is important, but also any bond we make has value. Don’t take each other for granted, and nobody is perfect, to pretend you are is just lying to yourself.

Be Humble, it’s a great place to come from, leaves open opportunities for improvement.

I remember reading a saying from a soldier World War One from the trenches. “Oh God if there is a God, save my soul if I have a soul!”

Last Quote

“be happy while you’re living you’re a long time dead!”


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