I vote Democrat, so what am I really for?

I grew up with healthcare, how great it was or wasn’t really doesn’t matter, if my leg was busted it would be fixed; no charge! It was nice, I never had any thoughts about socialism or government over reach. I actually never thought about it at all unless I needed it.

I know some friends and family who are of an age that they now get Medicare. I can tell you without a doubt they are thrilled, it’s just a thing that just being there adds a kind of calm, it’s called a safety net. It’s provided to citizens who have paid into the fund during their working lives. It’s a way for the government to say thanks for the taxes you have paid all your working life.

In the United states healthcare is a business, where people/companies make money for treating people who are sick. This would be why medical costs are so much more than pretty much anywhere else. I can understand why people who are making money with the system don’t want it changed, but the people who don’t have healthcare & who vote against their own best interests have me perplexed!

When I vote I don’t vote for people, I vote for policies and where I see a party aligns with my goals going forward. I will change my Party in an instant if I find a different party has my best interests at heart. So again I ask myself why do people vote against their best interests? Is party affiliation the same as following a sports team? I have always voted such and I shall always do so? The idea the GOP are fiscally responsible is a joke, as the debt has increased under GOP leadership. These are facts that can easily be checked.

I vote Democrat because the Republican party supports climate deniers, tries to blatantly disrupt voting, and is quite open about it. They claim voter fraud, which doesn’t really exist; even GOP states have said as much. I can’t say the democrats are way better, but they support progressive points which I agree with, climate, equality, health care for all. There is the idea that as I vote Democrat I would agree taxing the hell out of people, it is a misconception! I don’t care to pay lots of taxes, but to fund healthcare for all, to provide a social security check when I retire, better safety nets for citizens, I will pay more tax to see results. But please don’t think I am for waste, I want my taxes to be spent wisely, and I want to know what the money went to.

I have two friends who are Trump supporters. I disagree with our President on pretty much everything and even if he does a good thing, I won’t give him credit because he is such an ass. But the two guys I know are really nice guys, they are honest decent hard-working guys. Aside from the internet trolls I think people are pretty much the same, we have the same moral stance. We are divided by propaganda from religious institutions and media (aka Fox news). I tend to get my news from multiple outlets to get an even view, including international sources.

I think we should make a Law, If you are found to have deliberately lied while running for political office you can be disqualified from running, that would make it interesting!!

5 thoughts on “I vote Democrat, so what am I really for?”

  1. Marvelous, Joe! I’d like to say I agree with you 100%, and I can, because I do. 🙂 The problem with the American mindset is that they are conditioned to think that the ol’ rugged pioneering spirit of individualism is the only answer to life’s ills … someone ain’t got what they need in life? They didn’t work hard enough!


    The truth is we need a greater sense of society. Folks get told, by folks making all the profits in health care, that paying a high price for health care is the way it should be. And folks buy it. All we can do, you and I, is keeping spreading the word about a better country, a better world, and hope that seed takes root.

    I once thought as they do, and I grew to understand more. They can, too.

    I believe it!

    1. Thanks Tom, I appreciate your optimism, I know we are going through a rough patch at the moment due to misinformation and just plain ignorance. It will take time but I am sure we can get back to the optimism that came with truth and understanding.

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