It’s Sunday so why not talk about religion!

Good Morning, happy Sunday!

I was raised or as we say where I grew up, brought up a Catholic, which for me just meant church on Sunday. I went to Catholic schools primary & secondary, and was an Alter boy in two churches (not at the same time). I am surprised I never put this stuff on my resume! In my late teens I started to question my faith, or lack of!

Around this time I remember being on retreat at a place called Allington castle.

At that time it was being managed by a group of Carmelite Friars who I found to be very different from any Priests I had ever met. They were more contemplative, calm, much more open to talking about questions of faith and other religions. I say truly to this day if I had to be a religious person I would be a Friar, they were really cool! And you cannot say that too much about any western religion. It was there I learned about the different faces we put on depending on our situation, and this has stayed with me ever since.

I remember in one of my (many) previous jobs I was a inventory manager, and I can remember when the staff and myself were out for a company lunch, which was an excuse for me to treat them using the company credit card. Even if I tried to walk behind my staff, they would nearly always wait for me and walk either beside or behind me. I was always fascinated by this behavior. And any time you see people walking with the boss which you can see every day, I see the same behavior. I freely admit I as a boss used to fuck with it to see what my staff did, sorry peeps. Luv you!!

Which brings be back to the faces, and how they change. After I left management and started the next career (non management) I was able to change the face, but I wonder how does my changing face work with my ex employees. Will they still look at me the same way they did, if we all met for much would they walk behind me today, or would they have moved on! Trust me when I say I do not require or need people to walk behind me, just found the behavior interesting. It makes me wonder what people I see now are like when the face they put on is taken away, who are you really? Who are we when we remove the face, we have our political views face, our father brother face, we can be cruel or kind.

Went off topic a bit but getting back to religion, or lack of. After leaving the Carmelites I had pretty much decided I wasn’t a person who had the faith to continue pretending. I became an Atheist. As an Atheist I have as much moral fiber as any person who claims to be religious, I respect a persons faith, what ever religion you choose to practice, it’s your choice and I believe in choice. I will not question your religious beliefs or how you practice your faith, unless your religious practice breaks a law of the land.

All I ask is you respect my choice to question everything, I don’t have your faith and don’t believe in a God. I don’t believe in a happy place we all go to when we die where it’s going to be really great for all time! Gee that would be really nice, but I guess I don’t, not that I don’t want to, but I just don’t and I guess you can’t convince me so please don’t try!

As I get older I have acquired the older guy wisdom face, simply because I am older, not ancient, just older. I have kept some of the confidence I acquired when I wore the manager face, I have the calmer face of a person who has seen things and I am trying to figure what’s really important and what is not!

Once again, Happy Sunday!

10 thoughts on “It’s Sunday so why not talk about religion!”

  1. I’m subscribed to your blog, signed onto wordpress, so I don’t understand why I’m being asked to put my name, website and email below to comment.

    But I tend to have enough thoughts about religion I’ve figured out for myself so’s I’ve known for 45 years what my beliefs are, and I don’t much care what anyone else believes. I’ll say right out though, I’m not an atheist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist. But still have more of a spiritual life than any of those folks I’ve ever encountered.

    Maybe I’ll comment on your posts again sometime if you can make it so’s just being logged onto wordpress gets me the authority to do it.

    1. It was possibly a security plugin that was behaving badly, I have disabled them, if you wish to try again at some point please let me know if it gives you the same problem. I appreciate you letting me know.

  2. I feel so fortunate to know you; you are always surprising me and I am always learning things about you. I love this post; it speaks to your eternally curious way of looking at and questioning things. And as for the faces, well….I know all about your faces; some even you don’t know about!

  3. I’m with you, my man. I have forever called myself an atheist, but had die-hard faith researchers correct me as an agnostic. I never felt entirely comfortable with that tag. Most recently (like, last week) I stumbled across a fusion of both that described my particular conviction more appropriately:

    the agnostic-atheist … one that does not believe in a higher power, or afterlife, but understands, as well, that there is no way we can really know.

    I don’t know. And that’s the best truth I can impart. 😎

    But that won’t ever stop me from saying my piece about it. 😉

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