So to cut a long story short, My brother had a flat above Eamon Langtons pub, so it was easy to head down for a few pints, and as my brother frequented the bar quite often Eamon knew him well.

I was in Kilkenny for Arts Week which was around the second week in August in the year of our lord 1979, all the store fronts would be painted and at the time, the pubs would stay open until three which was a bonus. It’s probably true to say that some pubs really didn’t close during the festival, they just closed the doors for a while to give the impression of closed!

So Thin Lizzy was playing in Kilkenny and after the concert they went to Langtons for a few pints to relax. Of course entry was restricted to who you know basis, very important in Ireland is who you know, and as I knew my brother I was allowed entry!

So I remember Phil Lynott was at the bar Guinness in hand, having a intellectual conversation about music with the locals. At some point he started talking about his soon to be wife Caroline Crowther daughter of English comedian Leslie Crowther. Phil said his soon to be father in law stated, what more could I want in a son-in-law, he’s black, Irish & illegitimate! he said it jokingly so he was cool with it. they were different times and people were more tolerant of some things, no judging!

Needless to say some of the group attending the after party in Langtons were bookies. And later on they started betting on anything that was capable of being bet on! I am not sure but later on in the night as it went late I had switched to coke, had a little sense back then. Well for no apparent reason I started balancing the coke bottles one on top of the other. This gained an immense amount of attention from the betting establishment, with the conversation moving to how many I could balance? I had three one on top of the other but the bar top was in the way so I couldn’t fit another upright. When I said I would try to stack the next one on its side the betting became a frenzy! My brother and a cousin became involved and many weeks of wages were put on the line.

Well the fact I am writing this is because I was successful and there was an uproar as money changed hands. I am not sure how much money moved that night, but after my brother and myself split the winnings I had about three hundred Irish pounds, which was quite a bit back in 1979.

No names were changed to protect anyone, it’s all true as well as I can remember. I spent my winnings in the pub!




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