Brave New World, well not really!

I am sure Aldous Huxley will forgive me, I am sure nearly everyone who doesn’t watch Fox News has heard about the Sinclair group and how they are using local news outlets to spout propaganda for the Trump Administration.

We have a had a problem in the United States for probably more than a decade in regards to how people get their news. The biggest bad example would be Fox Mouth piece (always reminds me of the mouthpiece of Sauron the Lieutenant of Barad-dûr).

Distorted news is always an issue as an uninformed electorate can me manipulated much easier than an educated one. But the recent trend to just lie (alternative facts), is so disturbing it makes me wonder how this ignorant and proud of it trend can be reversed.

I can understand if you are indoctrinated that is what you know, but how can the United States compete in the future if we continue to allow the political parties to squander the future. And so called news outlets to treat the population as pawns to help the people in power stay in power.If the USA is ever going to be great again, because at the moment it’s not. The people who tell the lies must be shown to be what they truly are.

The future is for the young, I just hope they can get a decent enough education to be able to make an informed decision because too many adults today cannot.

My advice to anyone is get your news from multiple sources, I use BBC, NPR, RTE, NHK, The times is a good news source, but I don’t subscribe! maybe I should start since local news is now tainted!

7 thoughts on “Brave New World, well not really!”

  1. Brilliant post! The US is in a very disturbing and frightening place right now, but the acts of the younger generation in the past few weeks give me hope for a better future. I am still reeling in horror from when you showed me this clip yesterday.

  2. Every day I appreciate my 🇨🇦 citizenship a whole lot more. Witnessing the demise of your democracy from up here is truly terrifying and shocking. Like, how has it gotten this far? It just keeps getting worse, too, and the GOP is just standing around with their thumbs up their bums letting it happen. This is on all of them, and I hope they pay the price by losing their seats and being rewarded with a one-way ticket to the slammer!!

  3. I’m afraid the network news industry is more interested to pandering to their respective viewership and making money than reporting facts in an unbiased nature. What concerns me is that viewership swallows what they are selling hook, line and sinker. Maybe that’s why it’s harder to have an intelligent discussion about issues without trying to destroy the other point of view.

    Very sad

    1. I agree completely with you, I am liberal but there have been Republicans I respected, Can’t say that now! It is a shame as I believe if we found common ground there are many things we would agree on. People just focus on the radical stuff, and of course the BS they are being fed. I am very careful on my news sources, and the BS can go both ways left & right!

  4. Man, you are so right. You even have to back the lens up a bit and take a look at the whole picture: the news is for-profit and corporate-controlled. This is just one example, but should be the eye-opener any skeptics need.

    Glad to see some listings of sources you like!

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