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Recently I have been very despondent with stuff going on, The US has lost respect as a world leader, our President is a joke, he lies openly and yet people still support this man. People have been fed propaganda against the press, and some believe it, and when people don’t understand what the truth is how can they make informed decisions.

It’s fairly obvious that due to climate change summer fire season is going to be a normal state of events. My heart goes out to the thousands of people who have been affected by the fires. I have had family stay with me when they had to evacuate their home. To see the look of devastation not knowing if you will have a home to go to or not is heartbreaking, it should be the primary focus of the government to prepare for a future where this is the new normal.

I know that some of the reason we had fires was due to utilities electrical equipment, and the utilities are complaining that that they cannot afford to keep paying out when there is a fire. The Governor is looking into giving the utilities a break from prosecution if they are known to be in regulatory compliance. And to be honest I see logic in this. If you can still sue some company when it’s doing what the state dictates and it’s not good enough, well we need to change the regulations!

Burying the electric cables is not an option due to cost and maintenance, it’s just easier to maintain a line overhead when you have access. This started me thinking that in this day and age there must be a mix of technologies that would in fact make it mush easier for people to have electricity and require no power lines at all.

It turns out the technology does exist, but as always it’s just around the corner, like the cure for cancer! This company Solar Windows seems to have one answer to electricity production for the future. My contention is with solar windows and roof panels and efficient storage we could eliminate the need for cables and utilities as we know them completely. But as always the move to efficiency is being held up because the power brokers still want to burn fossil fuels and don’t believe what the whole world can see! How do we as a nation get the stupid out of politics?

I can understand different people can have opinions about how to get something done. But they should be able to debate and prove why their way is better. The truth should be the arbiter not alternative facts or bluster, or rage, or disrespect!

Peace People!!

By Joe

7 thoughts on “Fire Season, Power lines, stupid people.”
  1. There is now some speculation that we will eventually be able to “beam” energy from large solar panels in space to specific and universal locales. Imagine that. A wireless planet.

    Or course, as you say, the great leap forward would require some folks with a lot of money now to lose a lot of money in their capital investments so that humanity can be better off. So far, no one is stepping forward to do so. In fact, they are actively backing those that would deny the future exists and will prove the future does not exist by continuing to deny climate change until, you guessed it, the future never comes.

    But that’s okay, because the one thing they do seem to believe, or at least propagate to the uninformed masses, is that God does exist and will save them all. I have friends who actually believe their Lord sent Donald J to lead them. “Trump, Agent of God” sounds like a bad TV series in the making.

    Only the reality is real, and here we are.

    Well said, Joe. Keep hammering those keys. Believe it or not, the words we put forth make a difference, if only to plant a seed of truth that will sprout someday into a tree of knowledge. I have heard my biggest trolls (who are friends and family) occasionally utter words of wisdom I know they did not have before they started debating me. They may be small inroads, but inroads they are.

    Cheers and happy weekend, my friend!

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