Blue Hammock

Update below!

I admire using resources to make the best of any situation, and this guy was smart and used a tarp and rope to make himself a nice sleeping place.
I do feel for the thousands who are struggling because society in the United States thinks that social services to help anyone including healthcare is bloody socialism. At some point people decided that social services were too much money and now we have this problem. Self inflicted bad economics by greedy people in the 1980’s.
Of course my street guest had departed late morning and took his creation with him. What he left behind was the pole that was now dangling and was obviously a danger if people hit it!


Of course this was bad so I contacted the city using my handy 311 app and let them know what was wrong and even sent the picture above to let them know this was not safe. A blind person with a cane would not notice this metal pole dangling, or a person engrossed in the bloody phone might also get a surprise.

Well after two weeks I can honestly say the City has proved to be crap, not only has this not been fixed but the temporary fix is a joke. Not even sure the City has been out and this fix may have been done by a local who saw this and felt the urge to do something. To be honest I am surprised and thought this would have been sorted quickly under the circumstances.

kind of fixed

I was wrong!

My other question would be what function does this really have when propping up the pole. Is it dangerous that this support isn’t supporting?

Well if the pole does fall over I will take a picture and send it in, because that is the right thing to do!

Then wait!

Update January 14th 2020
Case Closed no action taken
I received an email from the city telling me how to report a damaged pole.

How to report damage to a telephone pole, wire or cable If a damaged telephone pole, wire, cable or pedestal is affecting your phone service, call us at (800) 573-1311 to report the problem. Tell us about the situation When you speak with the repair agent, you will be asked: Your name and telephone number Which services are affected — telephone, Internet How the services are affected — noisy, no dial tone It will be helpful if you can also provide: Address, directions and/or landmarks to damaged equipment Identifying numbers or marks on damaged equipment Description of equipment (Is the wire smaller or larger than a pencil?) Cause of damage — termites, lightning strike, car crash, tree limb, construction Person/company responsible (if applicable) Description of damage — leaning pole, drooping/cut wire, equipment missing door When damage likely occurred — days, weeks, months Any other information — emergency personnel on scene, additional damage imminent.

I must admit to be at a loss, the metal has not been fixed and it would seem contacting the city is a waste of time.
I actually didn’t see that coming!

By Joe

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