I have lived where I am now for the past fifteen years, and all in all it’s been great. The building has eight units and unlike many building in Los Angeles we know each other and look out for each other.

That was until the owners of the building who are family of the original owner decided it’s time to sell the building. Great news during the pandemic and the staying home safe time. I suppose it was inevitable given the building was built in 1957 and is in a great location.

During the stay at home people who are interested in looking at the property cannot enter occupied apartments and have to wait until the order is done. Empty apartments and houses can be viewed as long as it’s only two people and they practice safe distancing.

The Management company have tried three times in the last month to get access without any regards for the safe at home order and the safety or feelings of the tenants. It does make me sad after fifteen years that in the end it’s always just about the money, I get that but it wasn’t always that way. Apartments are being built on the site of older buildings in massive numbers, and they can’t fill them because people can’t afford to pay the crazy rents they are charging. So will Los Angeles in a few years be a city full of expensive empty apartments?

I shall probably be here for one more year, I shall leave as so many have over the years. It is too expensive and there is too much homelessness. After the vaccine for the virus has been produced we will start to go back to our new normal, what ever that will look like.
Peace People!

By Joe

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