It was literally the beginning of the year, January 1st when some chap decided the place to hang his hammock was outside my apartment building. After he had a great nights sleep there was a pole now hanging down that any unsuspecting person could get quite a slap if they weren’t paying attention.

I reported it to the City and wrote about the incident and the response.
I wondered how long it would actually be before somebody came to fix the pole or would this be this way until somebody got hurt!

This was before we had a Pandemic to contend with and I suppose the pole got lost in the drama of the staying at home wearing masks stuff. So after four months I decided nobody was going to fix this pole hanging in the street. I decided to act to finally do what the city of Los Angeles failed to do.

May 14th 2020

I am actually surprised how easily the pole came out of the fitting, there was only one bolt holding the pole in place, and it weighed about eight pounds when removed. It could have really hurt someone had it fallen out. I placed the now free pole on the ground and of course being Hollywood it was taken by the next day. No doubt I will learn of a transient threatening passers by with a pole on sunset boulevard some day soon.

By Joe

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