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For the last two months my wife has been in great pain in her right shoulder. During the stay at home scene it’s been difficult to see a doctor as they had stopped seeing patients, this is changing slowly.
We went through many scenarios trying to figure out what was wrong, torn muscle, pinched nerve, but it was really hard to get a definite answer.

This last week my wife saw a physiotherapist who had herself recently gone through Frozen Shoulder. She was able due to her recent bout diagnose my wife’s condition very accurately. She said even though she is a physical therapist she had to get help to diagnose her own condition. I can’t say it was good news but it’s great to know what is going on even if there really isn’t a treatment that can help, you just have to manage the condition.

Now is the hard part, physical therapy through the pain to regain range of motion. My understanding if left alone it could take a year or longer to heal by itself. My hope is that with therapy it can be reduced to a few months. Up until last Thursday I had never heard of frozen shoulder. I personally think it was brought on by bad posture while my wife is writing. We are working to change that so this does not recur.


By Joe

3 thoughts on “Frozen Shoulder”
  1. Oh, my Dear. How awful. I am so sorry for this pain. I am guessing you might have some good dictation software? Because I am also guessing you are right handed and as a writer. . . well that really really super sucks. I am sending you healing prayers. xoxoxoxo

  2. I’m sorry to learn of Susan’s shoulder and hope she is improving.. It’s nice to meet you Joe. Susan and I have followed each other’s work for almost 3 years now. She is an incredible poet and writer and a good friend. I am thrilled to learn about her upcoming book and look forward to it.

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