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For all those entrepreneurs who mail asking asking me if I want to market my blog in so many ways. I say to you thanks but no thanks!
My humble blog is not for money or for marketing anything. I am not a writer and for this space I use to just share my experiences good and bad.

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I thank you all for the offers but should you mail me please understand I shall not be replying to you. I hope you have a great day and I wish you all there best with your endeavors.

Peace! ??

By Joe

2 thoughts on “Blog Update”
    1. Thank you for the reply, I was saying to Susan that I need to make time to check WordPress and try to put more effort into the communication side of blogging. There are some really great people in this community. Susan is much better than myself, but she is a good writer and I don’t have her way with words, and that’s ok, one talented one in the house is good. I am the technical support! Susan already mentioned we are moving back to Ireland, getting ready for that during these times is also weird. But when the world is saying it’s time to move I shall listen.

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