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I have found it quite difficult the last few months to focus on anything other than the lockdown. I have friends who have had the virus and some who have been very sick & are lucky to be alive, also coworkers who didn’t make it through. During these times it doesn’t seem right to say how beautiful it is here in Ireland with all this going on. I was so lucky to be able to move here with my wife that any expression of gratitude seems a bit lame compared to what my friends have had to go through and are still going through!

I think like many people I am tired of restrictions, it would have been better to close borders and restrict people entering the country to stop lockdowns going on for so long. Best example New Zealand, worst example continues to be the United States. How much a human life is worth seems to vary from one country to another.

In a few days March 15th it will be a year since the lockdown entered my world. I was living in Los Angeles with a job and a home/apartment I had lived in for 15 years. My wife was starting to feel unwell with what we now know was frozen Shoulder. I was trying desperately to get time off work to care for her, even though I worked in a hospital & had a doctors note a hospital is just another corporation that happens to look after sick people. So I ended up having to deal with corporate ego’s trying to flex their unimportant lives to prove to themselves how important they are. When your partner is sick that means nothing, you will do what you have to do.

Then the apartment we lived in was sold to a developer who wanted to remove the old tenants, do the place up and sell it for profit. During a pandemic when the City was supposed to be protecting tenants, NOT!

One year on myself and my wife are living in Ireland and under a lockdown as Ireland does care for people more than just profit. There is frustration waiting for the vaccines to arrive as every country is scrambling for the jab. I am grateful that in this day and age the science is there that could make it possible for a vaccine in such a short period of time. I say to myself there was a pandemic in 1918 and until now the world got over that one without the science we have today. This will pass and the world will begin again to look like it did before Covid-19.

By Joe

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  1. It’s hard to believe it’s a year now since I took my laptop home, never to return to the office. I’m happy that you and Susan are safe and loving your new life in Ireland!

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