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The Trump years were a low point for the United states; I could see the damage he was doing to the Republican Party, which had been more radical since Obama was elected, and also the extreme damage to the country. I found myself, every day, asking the question, how this could be happening?

I like many loved President Obama, his intellect and way of dealing with things and the respect he showed even to people who decided he was the enemy. I like many thought that, with him , the United States had moved on toward a more open & less racist society. I was wrong and it was just an image painted over the country during his tenure in office.

It was only when Trump got in and made changes to so many Obama policies, just because he hated Obama and nothing to do with making the country better, you could see the birther racism show through. My surprise is how many people went along for the ride, and how quickly the Republican Party went from small government to a white power party. They were anti immigration anti muslim pretty much anti anything that threatens the white guy in charge.

The last four years have been an education on how much racism there truly is in America, and how fragile the system is, how open to attack from within. The safe guards against the rule of law can be manipulated by those in power very quickly. America can and did lose the moral high ground in world politics, and as many times as Joe Biden will say America is back, the damage is done and will not be forgotten so easily, even though he is trying to clean up after the Trump policies debacle. The world breathed a sigh of relief when Joe Biden was elected; I believe he won four times in Georgia!

The politics in the United States is so full of lies, it’s hard for some to know what the truth is. I personally say to anyone check your news sources, and move away from just American news sources as they can be biased, even local news can be manipulated like the Sinclair media story. It’s time for the American people to start believing the institutions that have been established to provide information to the government since the inception of the United States, namely the intelligence community, who even during the Trump years stated the truth to power. While Trump was saying Russia was great & Putin was a great guy this was happening.

There needs to be open hearings to get the truth out to the people again, all these politicians who are spreading the lie need to speak under oath and see the consequences. Those who manipulated the crowds who stormed the capital due to a lie need to be held accountable for the country to move on, otherwise the elections in the future are rife with peril. If you cannot trust the election what can you trust.

The United States is a super power and with the other ones being china, wannabe Russia, the world needs a super power doing the right thing. Europe needs to grow some balls and get it’s act together, because racism and special interests cannot be allowed to determine our direction.

By Joe

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