Six tomatoes from the garden

So exciting news is we have our first harvest of tomatoes, we have never grown anything before that lived long enough to actually eat. And with the world still in the grips of a virus that has changed so much it’s cool to have something nice to talk about.
I learned from YouTube that you can pick them while they are still green and they will ripen over a few days. So I have left some to ripen on the plant and picked a couple of green ones to see how they are and which is better, if anything is better or not. I am pretty sure they will be awesome we are so looking forward to salad with lunch.


So it’s been a week since I started this post and we have had a few tomatoes that ripened and they are so yummy. It’s so nice to have something so fresh. As for the ripening thing it’s so true you pop them in a paper bag or just wrap in paper and pop them on a window sill and give them a few days and they turn a beautiful red colour.

Latest Batch

This whole thing has made me (who is not a person who grew up on salads), meat and potatoes were my roots. But I am happy to be eating the fruits (pun intended) of our labour. If we had a veranda or any outside space in the States I am sure we would have tried this years ago, alas we didn’t have the space. It was jarring for Susan & myself to move across the planet during a pandemic with cats and dogs. I am so lucky but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard, many people have gone through so much since march 2020. The sad part due to misinformation so many people who could be safe are still at risk because they aren’t vaccinated. Please remember to get news from a news source and medical advice from a doctor, not Facebook!


By Joe

6 thoughts on “First Harvest”
  1. Ooh, those are gorgeous! We’ve had a bumper crop this year too. You should try cherry tomatoes–I had so many that I made sundried tomatoes (in the oven) so that we can have them all year round:-)

    1. That’s a great idea thank you, I shall try that. My sister had cherry tomatoes this year, so nice. When Susan and myself got together she always made fun of my being Irish and farming roots. Little did we know it would be coming true. LOL I have a book in front of me, you might have heard of it, Feasting Upon The Bones.  so good!!

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