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I met with a family member recently on a visit who I have not seen in many years. He is much younger than me with that youthful enthusiasm that comes with a certain age. During our conversation it became apparent that he has decided that he isn’t going to wear a mask on public transport any more. He explained he just wants to get back to his normal as soon as he can.

My covid and lockdown experience has been mine & can be very different from anyone else’s. My age and experience in my life have moulded the way I react to things. This is of course not news but seeing another person share what they are taking from this makes me think.
I am lucky and I know it and appreciate it every day, I am grateful and count my blessings. I also try to make sure I am making the right decision and not the most convenient one.

When I explained to my family member that I will be doing things in a different way and that I have lost friends due to the pandemic I saw his eyes take on a look. I don’t think he has lost anyone and for him this is all about the change in life style and the lockdowns.
It made me think about how even through a global pandemic our experiences of said pandemic can be so different.

Because I live in Ireland the worst of my pandemic is over, due to such a large vaccination rate in the country. Then of course you have people in the southern United States who are going through the pandemic afresh as they have people who for what every reason would prefer to die than get vaccinated and live. I feel sorry for the people who could be moving on and the medical staff who have to go through this still when it didn’t need to happen, their pandemic is very different from mine.

Opening up early to save the economy has not worked pretty much anywhere it’s been tried. The virus doesn’t care about the economy and when you have to lock down again because you have no choice the lesson should be learned. I know these times will pass but I do hope that people truly learn from their experiences that the choices we make do matter.

By Joe

5 thoughts on “Your own personal pandemic”
  1. We’ve been having protests up here from the anti-mask/anti-vax people, even though numbers are rising daily predominantly among the unvaccinated. People who refuse to look out for their own self-interest (even if they don’t care about the rest of us) really boggle my mind! Great post, Joe!

    1. Thank you always, I believe that society has removed value systems in education & the family for so long that some people have no reference. Hence the ones we feel are behaving like idiots. Indoctrinated through tv & lack of access to healthy attitudes. Not a easy fix!

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