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I cut the grass last week before it rained & I hope this will be the last cutting until the new year. It’s actually been warmer this week than expected, a last little bit of heat before the cold sets in.
We have a storage which we keep the furniture we brought from Los Angeles as the house we are in came furnished. On reflection we took too much stuff with us but with the lockdowns and the trauma of being kicked out of our home after fifteen years we were a bit confused.

Noticed a month back that the storage (yes I am still writing about that) was damp and boxes were not loving this, and the books & clothes inside the boxes were loving this even less!
So we undertook a major save the stuff operation, placing things that suck the humidity out of the air inside and removing the damp boxed and purchasing plastic tubs to replace the cardboard! I must admit it’s the first real project we have had with purpose since we got here a year ago. And it felt good to have something to do and have a result.
I also finally got to the point that a could ride my motorcycle (couldn’t transfer my American license).
I took it out for a spin yesterday after eighteen months. It stalled a few times which could be due to crap in the engine which will burn out or it will need to get a tune up.

I do feel that we are finally getting used to our new place, and we have made a plan to go back to California later next year and say goodbye as we were not permitted to do that before we left. I think that will help us both and have closure and we can move on.
I know I say this every blog but I know we have been so lucky and many people have not. This doesn’t diminish what we had to go through, moving home and the stress involved. I in fact know a few people who moved due to the circumstances and changes over the last few years, viral and political!

So in this weird and crazy world I am happy to be able to write a blog post about cutting the grass!

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