forest red shades


It was a small dog, about 18 pounds, looked a bit like a Yorkshire terrier. It walked along the path with determination. Sometimes it would carry a smaller animal mostly it was just by itself. It was a smart dog, avoiding the humans also on the path, stopping when it had to let them pass. before continuing on the path. Every so often there is a door or gate on the path which we all have to pass through. The dog will wait patiently for the break so it can pass through safely.

I am on path with the dog when I sense a commotion coming from behind us. There was a container on the side of the path, a large metal container used to transport goods on a ship. The side of the path is muddy and the container is sinking into the mud. People are scrambling to remove what looks like paintings from the container before it sinks and the items are lost!

Suddenly the container moves and I hear a scream as somebody is stuck under the side of the container. The person I hear yelling for them is somebody I know. I fear the person under the container is also somebody I know. I head back to lend a hand to try and get the person out hoping they are still alive.

We find a metal scaffolding pole and place a wooden beam on the mud to act as a brace so we can lift the container on one side to pull the person out from under!

The room is dark and I hear a snoring pug beside me, it’s early and outside is quiet.
My life like many has not always been easy, but on this day at this hour I consider myself to be a very lucky man.

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