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Poppy is fourteen years old, she is a city cat living in the country, which means she stays inside allot, and not out in the wilderness all day. Where we live cats are outside allot and they never need to get their claws trimmed like city cats.

Now we have a garden unlike the non garden we had in Los Angeles. Taking a cat to the groomer to get the claws trimmed was a normal thing. It was enlightening to discover it was not done here, in fact when it was mentioned I got some crazy looks. I have a great vet/s in town as I have been there many times with all four pets. They understand my predicament, being a city cat she doesn’t have the skills to be a country cat. I think these things need to be learned from a kitten. There was one day Poppy was locked out in the back garden. Unknown to me she was outside and it was raining. She didn’t understand to get underneath something and she just lay outside getting wet. I felt terrible when I discovered she was outside, it has not happened since.

Both dogs and cats are much happier here in Ireland, the weather is many degrees cooler than Los Angeles. And the air quality isn’t even mentioned as it’s a non issue. They all run out into the back in the morning weather permitting, then back inside for breakfast. poppy likes to hang out in the back garden soaking in the sun when it’s there. Both our cats I think look really good for their age. At least that part of country living is good for them.

By Joe

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