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It’s October in Ireland and getting colder now, it’s been wet the last week after the three weeks of hot weather last month. We have been getting ready for a return trip to Los Angeles after being away for two years. The circumstances were way different when we came over here. Lockdowns and uncertainty were with us. We had been kicked out of our home after fifteen years because some ass wanted to get higher rents. He is now changing over $4000 per month for our old apartment. Admittedly he did a good job doing it up. But the crap we had to go through was a nightmare. He cut the water pressure, removed our parking & anything else he could think of to make the tenants who had been there for many years leave.
We were intending on leaving at some point but this was the impetus to make the move. Although it’s much better in Ireland I will not thank the ass, he will remain an ass for ever.

So in November we head back for two weeks to basically say the goodbyes we were unable to say during the lockdown. It’s weird that the list we have to say goodbye is mostly restaurants, a few friends and some family, but mostly restaurants. I don’t know how I will feel being back there, in one respect it will be nice to visit places we liked; in another it will be why come back when where we live is so much better now.

I think it’s just closure and being able to move on, next year it’s all Europe to visit. We did make it to France and Spain earlier this year. But a trip to Spain and Cyprus next year is on the cards. For so long it was hard to think about what the future would be as we were just dealing with the present and the changes that occurred so quickly. It took us a year to understand how big the move was. Confused and elated at the same time, starting again with a new career after leaving the one I was in for fifteen years was jarring, but I didn’t understand how jarring it was as it was all new to me.

I have not been optimistic about the future, not because of anything in particular, but because it’s been a bit of a blur. It’s like when a person retires and they have no plan. And suddenly they have this time on their hands and they find themselves with no time on their hands. The things I take for granted, like learning to live in a house after spending most of my life in apartments, It’s different believe me!
Not a complaint just an observation, like when I was cleaning out my father in laws garage after he passed away. The tools and stuff were all tailored to his house and the things he needed. Another house in another place would require different things. Learning what I need has been interesting and also a pain sometimes as I don’t know what I need until I need it. And do I even know what it is I need, as I have never needed it before, get my drift.

It has taken two years to get to know where I am now, so maybe when we return from the goodbye trip we can start thinking about the future with some optimism.

By Joe

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  1. $4000 a month?! And I thought Toronto prices were high. Is that a picture of your neighbourhood? Because if I had that view of the hills every day, I’d never want to leave. It sounds like it was a scary venture but one that worked out in the end, especially if you get to visit Spain all the time, a place I’ve been to twice and adored:-)

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