Recently my wife and myself returned to the California to see what has changed since we moved to Ireland two years ago.

It was also a chance to say goodbye to our home of fifteen years that we were forced to vacate during a pandemic.
I know this had plagued us since we left, not that we are not happy with where we moved to. We are very happy with with the move to Ireland and the much quieter life there is here.

We stayed in a lovely Airbnb on North Beachwood Drive which was not far from our neighbourhood. It was a really nice space and was a great base to see our old home from.

I had heard and saw on the news the homeless situation in Los Angeles was bad. And the pandemic didn’t help at all. The eviction moratorium which was in effect and is now ending at the end of 2022 did help, but not by much. There are always ways the people with money can get around the rules.

We were spending about $1300 a month on rent for a two bedroom apartment, not bad for the area, which was ten minutes from my job.
After renovation the rent is now $4500 a month.
This is why people who have lived in the area for years are now leaving. What was once Hollywood is now a shell of what it was. That’s why I say to any one forget visiting Los Angeles it’s just a facade now.

By Target Santa Monica & La Brea

In the area we used to live it has changed allot, shops closed and just a ghostly feel, like the life that was there is now gone.
Our local Ralph’s (rock and roll on sunset) has cards where items used to be, deodorant and other body cleansing items are now cards you pick up and take to the checkout. Then the cashier brings you the item and scans it. To make these changes there must have been allot of theft.

With no safety net the population that cannot pay enough to get past the pandemic have seen there way of life diminish. It’s just really sad to see & it’s not changing back quickly.
All around Hollywood they are building these very fancy apartment buildings with space for shops on the ground level and all I see are empty apartments and homeless people wandering around the streets with nowhere to go. This may be the future for Hollywood all the way to downtown.

Of course it different on the west side of Los Angeles, Century City is booming with fancy stores and expensive lunches. And the Grove by Fairfax and Third is also doing well, brand new Apple Store to replace the one that was in another location before the pandemic.

Apple Store The Grove

Maybe things will look better after time, I don’t see the homeless problem changing as there is no easy fix without putting money into it.
I was really happy to see some old friends and catch up on things.
It will be a long time before we venture back to Los Angeles, and if not I hope it get’s better for the people, the actors & writers and normal people who cannot afford to pay $4000 a month in rent. It will change the vibe of Los Angeles if they are not there any more.

By Joe

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