About Me


I enjoy simple things and find humor in everyday events. I like good food and wine. I like cheap food and beer.

As for sport I like Rugby, I also have spent my time riding horses, playing cricket, racquet ball, squash, hiking; these days I have my motorcycle to play with.

I spent three years working in different parts of Ireland as a Fitter/Welder.

I worked as a freelance bartender in London. I worked in the Players Theater in London (ok it was in the bar, but I was part of the ensemble)!

I have been in no particular order, private investigator, diver, pilot, welder, chef, teacher, bookstore manager, bouncer, butler, security officer.

I like technology, science, honesty, and cartoons.

I really got interested in computers when I was actually able to buy one in the late 90’s, it was a humble gateway machine. The internet was new and the bloody windows software was continually crashing. So I learned what to do when my computer busted, and I experimented with different software finding I wasn’t at all bad at understanding what the computer was saying to me.

Over the years I have created web sites, written computer code & I even dabbled in animation; (not that good though)!

These days there are great online tools that are cheap or free, and most things can be done without the system crashing. I find myself bringing a friends computer back from the dead, or cleaning up a virus or malware.

I currently work in security monitoring and surveillance.

If you have any windows/mac/software questions I am happy to give feedback.

I hate selfishness, ignorance, stupidity, violence, bad manners. I like science fiction, mysteries, history, and graphic novels.

I love all food but especially Indian, Asian food, stews, and soups.